The Nightmare of Living with an Out of Control Teen and the Fix to Stop it

It started shortly after the new year.  A frantic parent who felt there was not a choice but to hospitalize their child and did not know where they should turn.

Based on a true story and with permission of the parent of what was once a healthy, happy, teenage girl, long blond hair, pretty, wicked smart, good grades, gifted athlete.

The reason, to give hope to other hand wringing parents who too don’t recognize their precious child anymore and are so afraid.  They pray and wonder – will they ever see their happy child again? 

Hospitalized for suicidal thoughts; possible eating disorder; anxiety; depression.  She’s wouldn’t eat or drink anything and was completely non-compliant. Oh, and did I mention the cutting and extremely inappropriate behavior with the opposite sex?  Let’s not forget that – horrifying! That would come under the ‘acting out’ tab.  By the way, all those issues scored a 10 on the severity scale with 10 as the highest – means really bad!!  Does this or portions of it sound familiar to anyone?  The out of control teen, the troubled teen, the angry raging teen, the drug addicted teen, the incredibly miserable self-mutilating teen, or the teen that just wants out of the drudgery that is his or her life.  

The parents of troubled teens who have been through the ringer are literally traumatized. Some have described it as if they are living with a terrorist and you do not know what they are going to do, when they might do it, or what they may be capable of.  Parents are afraid to answer the phone.  Is it the police telling them something horrible, it is the principal – more trouble in school? 

Is it the hospital informing them the insurance won’t pay anymore and they have to pick their child up in an hour.  ‘I have to work, they say, what do we do now, she cannot be left alone!’ Back to the counselor, where’s the school social worker, where are the stinking answers?????  The tension, the stress, after months of the ups and downs, ins and outs, it’s no wonder parents feel as though they are the ones who need to be admitted into the hospital.  Please know families, there is hope.  There is something else to fight this with. 

The Hospitalization

Uncertain where to turn, they finally hospitalized their daughter for her eating disorder. The doctors prescribed medication, but her anger grow stronger and she demonstrated her anger by throwing chairs, temper tantrums, and more. They really didn’t know what they were treating her for.  She was seething with hatred for her mother. Each family therapy session was a knock down, drag out scream fest for AB.  It went on and on, and she wasn’t getting any better.

The frantic call came from her mother, she knew my work was different; licensed as an energy healer, a Body and Emotion Code Practitioner with the most advanced energy healing system in the world, it can do amazing things. Something most people have never even heard of.  This healing modality does very different stuff – stuff that traditional medicine doesn’t and can’t do. Both disciplines are vastly important and necessary.  What one can’t do in some cases, the other one can possibly pick up the slack. 

Through the Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator of all there is, including quantum physics and the quantum field, has called me to do it.  Together we can locate, identify and release underlying causes (trapped energies/trapped emotions/other imbalances) for a whole host of troublesome and/or really nasty problems.  That’s the purpose of this story – to share with those suffering teens and parents, something so powerful – we call it 21 century healing.   There is of course, much more to this, but this is good enough for now.

With permission, the sessions were with her parent, because she was a minor and unwilling to cooperate. She wouldn’t work with hospital staff, so she certainly wasn’t going to work with me.  But that didn’t thwart the work in the least, because energy healing can be done from a distance – energetically.  It’s energy, it’s everything and everywhere. There are no boundaries, no limits.  It surpasses time and space.  All that’s required is the parent’s permission to do the session.   It’s quite convenient and extraordinarily effective.  

Connected with her energetically early in the morning while she was asleep in her hospital room, the first session revealed some very interesting things. 

Here’s what we found right off the bat – an 8’ Heart-Wall – our lexicon in the Body Code world is mostly unknown to anyone else.  A Heart-Wall is symbolic, of course, not a real wall around the heart.  But it certainly acts like a real wall and the subconscious mind does indeed look at it as real. 

Heart-Walls are very common and nearly 93% of the population have since they are caused by a broken heart.  How many people have never had a broken heart?  NONE!! Well, very few anyway.  Most have had more than their share of broken hearts, disappointments, shocking news, etc.  Those types of things cause it.  What builds the wall is the subconscious mind; emotions are trapped from inside the body and builds pads around the heart to ensure it it is well protected, so it cannot be broken again. In Proverbs 4:23, Solomon wrote “Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.”   That’s what the subconscious mind was doing.

What happens when you have a Heart-Wall?  Well, messages that are intended to be sent by the heart to someone else, like love, intimacy, joy are muffled, so they are not coming through clearly.  What’s more, the messages that are supposed to be coming INTO the heart are muffled as well, so that’s not good.  If someone is telling you they love you with their heart message, wouldn’t you want to hear it loud and clear?  But there’s more, the Heart-Wall can be rather dangerous – first, those trapped emotions that were gathered to pad it, they are all negative ones.  No warm, fuzzy or positive ones are trapped in you – only negative ones!  And, if a Heart-Wall is around long enough, it can lead to heart trouble or other serious diseases. 

So, my goal with AB was to dismantle that Heart-Wall, as quickly as possible.  The very first trapped emotion in the Heart-Wall to be released was, guess what?  LOW SELF-ESTEEM, who would have guessed that???  That’s gone!  Found this with the Emotion Code.

What’s next?  One imbalance led to another and a Post Hypnotic Suggestion (PHS) was revealed.  Know what that is?  Well, it’s not good!  A PHS is the energy of a negative statement in the subconscious mind.  Repetitive music and video games desynchronize the cerebral hemispheres and open the deep subconscious mind to “suggestion” like being hypnotized.  This can result in depression, suicidal tendencies, etc., just as AB was presenting.  It is a bad thing.  What’s required to release a PHS is to identify the exact ‘suggestion’ or ‘suggestions’ as in her case, she received.

Through intuition and muscle testing, here’s what she heard: ‘I am fat and ugly’ and ‘no one loves me’.  I was able to eliminate this most destructive imbalance from AB using the Body Code – simple, gentle and very powerful. Then I moved on to release a few more trapped emotions from the Heart-Wall – again, using the Emotion Code.

I am not going to list everything I released in a single session – it would take a long time.  I worked on her every couple of days releasing horrific things but only a few at a time as to not overwhelm her system.  These releases must be processed by the body.  And, when you’re releasing large numbers trapped emotions or heavy offensive energies there can be some rough processing for a couple of days.  With what I found, it’s no wonder she wanted to harm herself. 

This story is not over – stay tuned as we journey through AB’s battle to once again be the happy, productive teen she deserves, desires and was designed to be.  Find out what ‘offensive energies’ are – find out what’s causing these maladaptive behaviors and learn what’s possible.  But know this, there is hope like never before for your child, your family, because Hope Springs Eternal. 

Jean E. Hope, BLSPsyc, M.Ed, D.Psc

A Certified, Licensed and Insured Emotion and Body Code Practitioner

Hope Springs Eternal, LLC