Taken directly from Body Code Report Notes, etc.

“I find I am referring to things differently-less personal, less negative.  While I haven’t been on antidepressant medication for a while, I feel as though I will never have to take them again.  It’s a feeling of certainly.  I also don’t have the cravings I have had for sugar, carbs or other harmful foods.  I feel like I can begin a new diet.” 

R.B. from VA

“I woke up pain free, I slept – I didn’t take any Serenity Restful.  It is a big deal!  I could cry.” 

R. B. from VA

“After our first session I had a feeling of wellbeing all day.  The Emotion Code has help me so much, I feel wonderful. I cannot thank you enough.  It’s like God telling me I did the right thing.  The relief, your wisdom, the reassurance, you’re three steps ahead of me.  There is no doubt that God placed you in my life at precisely the right moment.  Thank you for listening to God and becoming a conduit for my healing.  I wouldn’t have been able to face the day if it had not been for God using you.  God is doing amazing things through you.”

Z.F. from TX

“My immune system function increased by 11 points in the first session.”  “After the first session my energy has been excellent, better than ever; sleeping is excellent and urinary problem much better.”

V.B. from VA

“The most important change is the emotional change, that work has made everything better, that is huge. I am 100% better than I was 3 weeks ago.” 

C.C. from VA

“I feel different, hard to describe, comforted, more hopeful.  I can feel the releases. I think this work is doing a world of good.”

T.S. from VA

“I started off the session with a terrible migraine but during the session, it got better.”  “Since the last session, the migraines and sleep are better.” 

M.B. from VA

“After the third session I am doing great, sleeping like a baby and tons of energy.  I’m getting lots of things done, great focus.  My left knee feels great now.” 

V.B from VA

“I felt the first release.  Feels like I’m standing straighter and breathing easier.”   “I’m waking up with less anxiety.” 

N.E. from VA

“I was diagnosed by the doctor with a fungal infection on Friday, you found it the Sunday before!” “This is the most relaxed I’ve been all week.”  “I’m noticing easier movement in the hip, less pain than tightness.  The knee isn’t swollen, so not as painful and the left shoulder feels pretty good.  Everything has improved since our last session.” Despite packing and moving!

K.A. from VA

“After our first session I’m not as exhausted as usual and the back pain is gone. After the third session-no more constipation and the plantar fasciitis is not bothering me at all, still not having a great night’s sleep but feel good with good energy.”

R.D. from MD

“My neck quit hurting when you released the mercury.”  “After you released the betrayal I felt happier and maybe more open to others.  Thank you for helping me with this.” “Since last session, I’m doing OK, sleeping better, not depressed, shoulders not nearly as tight and not feeling as tired.”  “My neck and shoulder pain is better, I have less anxiety, I feel more settled, I’m eating less at meals just because I’m finished eating.”

P.F. from VA

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moved mountains

"Jean is such a wonderful and powerful practitioner. I have been doing some emotion code on myself and family for a few years now and can tell you Jean was able to shift mountains for me in just one single session, more so than I have done for myself in all my self sessions combined. She is able to get to the root of things quickly and efficiently and the difference I've felt after each session has been astounding! She is a true gift from God and has been blessed with a talent for this work. You have to experience it to believe it!"

~ Sandra Dwan

So thankful for Sandy and appreciate her kind words. I am so honored to be her Practitioner, so grateful for the success we have had in this work and absolutely give all the glory to God. I am only the tool; the miracles don't happen without Jesus Christ, our eternal Savior!

~ Jean


What a difference a year makes! Actually, I have been married to Jean for almost six years, but it was just last year that she did some work on me using the Blast Away Your Abundance Blocks program.

I retired from federal service in January 2015, and I floundered around, not really focused on my passions. I was motivated, but lost momentum quickly and it was very difficult to get things going again.

I have been interested in and working on a business concept around emergency preparedness and civil defense, but I just didn't give it my all and I didn’t know why. I knew what I wanted and where I wanted to take the concept, but I felt stuck, limited, I just couldn’t move forward.

Then Jean started on me with The Body Code to help me get unstuck. Without going into an even longer story, suffice it to say that things have really changed! Here’s what’s happened in my life since that work was done: I have generated a lot of activity towards my goal in my new field of specialty. I founded Civil Defense Virginia as a non-profit organization, wrote a Guide for community leaders and city/county officials to use to help them create and build a community-based civil defense organization, became known nationally through a couple organizations within the critical infrastructure resilience protection community, built a following of nearly 5,000 connections on LinkedIn (up from around 250 before the Abundance work) and I have been interviewed for a national podcast show that targets the emergency management profession.

I am about to launch my own podcast show, Civil Defense Radio, which will reach out to the nation on the need to prepare before ‘the big one hits’. And, I have begun a new venture into offering products and services to help businesses and organizations protect their facilities and systems from cyber-attacks, electromagnetic interference/disruption and other very serious threats. So, do I recommend Jean's work for others? I sure do! If you want to get out of that slump and start doing what you know you have the skills, intellect and abilities to do, but it's just not happening, give Jean a call to blast away YOUR blocks to abundance. You'll be amazed. She also offers a 20 minute free session for starters. Try it, you won't be sorry you did.  PLS of VA"

This is what using the Body & Emotion Codes to Blast Away Your Abundance Blocks can do!


I have worked with Jean for 5 months now and it has been life changing. I have tried counseling with psychologists and biblical counselors before but never felt I improved. Before working with Jean, I was depressed, cried daily, had issues with anxiety, resentment and anger in relationships. She has been able to eliminate my heart wall. That has changed my daily life dramatically – I am no longer depressed or cry daily, I feel calmer and more at peace with all my relationships. And after over 50 years, I have stopped biting my nails! That is a big accomplishment for me! I have been amazed at the physical implications our negative energy and subconscious mind have on our health. I have seen improvement in my plantar fasciitis and knee pain.

I am looking forward to working on my thyroid and weight issues. I know with Jean and Hope springs Eternal, I will be able to make continued improvements in my emotional, mental and physical health. Thank you, Jean! You have given me a lifeline that I never thought possible.  SF of VA


Jean has become my first stop for aches and pains for myself and my family. A couple months ago, I strained the tendon behind my knee so badly I was going to cancel a much-anticipated trip to San Diego. Instead I had a session with Jean and slept on it. The next morning the pain was gone, and I easily hustled from airport gate to gate and thoroughly enjoyed my trip! She’s lessened and often eliminated issues from migraine pain, insomnia, back pain, urinary discomfort (getting up frequently at night – NO MORE) etc. Jean even worked on my foster dog’s anxiety issue with men! After a couple of sessions, she is now going to my husband for affection and at ease with most male visitors. I recommend Jean’s healing services to all my friends and to whoever is reading this today.  VSB of VA

This is what the Body Code and Emotion Code Can Do!