Taken directly from Body Code Report Notes, etc.

“I find I am referring to things differently-less personal, less negative.  While I haven’t been on antidepressant medication for a while, I feel as though I will never have to take them again.  It’s a feeling of certainly.  I also don’t have the cravings I have had for sugar, carbs or other harmful foods.  I feel like I can begin a new diet.” 

R.B. from VA

“I woke up pain free, I slept – I didn’t take any Serenity Restful.  It is a big deal!  I could cry.” 

R. B. from VA

“After our first session I had a feeling of wellbeing all day.  The Emotion Code has help me so much, I feel wonderful. I cannot thank you enough.  It’s like God telling me I did the right thing.  The relief, your wisdom, the reassurance, you’re three steps ahead of me.  There is no doubt that God placed you in my life at precisely the right moment.  Thank you for listening to God and becoming a conduit for my healing.  I wouldn’t have been able to face the day if it had not been for God using you.  God is doing amazing things through you.”

Z.F. from TX

“My immune system function increased by 11 points in the first session.”  “After the first session my energy has been excellent, better than ever; sleeping is excellent and urinary problem much better.”

V.B. from VA

“The most important change is the emotional change, that work has made everything better, that is huge. I am 100% better than I was 3 weeks ago.” 

C.C. from VA

“I feel different, hard to describe, comforted, more hopeful.  I can feel the releases. I think this work is doing a world of good.”

T.S. from VA

“I started off the session with a terrible migraine but during the session, it got better.”  “Since the last session, the migraines and sleep are better.” 

M.B. from VA

“After the third session I am doing great, sleeping like a baby and tons of energy.  I’m getting lots of things done, great focus.  My left knee feels great now.” 

V.B from VA

“I felt the first release.  Feels like I’m standing straighter and breathing easier.”   “I’m waking up with less anxiety.” 

N.E. from VA

“I was diagnosed by the doctor with a fungal infection on Friday, you found it the Sunday before!” “This is the most relaxed I’ve been all week.”  “I’m noticing easier movement in the hip, less pain than tightness.  The knee isn’t swollen, so not as painful and the left shoulder feels pretty good.  Everything has improved since our last session.” Despite packing and moving!

K.A. from VA

“After our first session I’m not as exhausted as usual and the back pain is gone. After the third session-no more constipation and the plantar fasciitis is not bothering me at all, still not having a great night’s sleep but feel good with good energy.”

R.D. from MD

“My neck quit hurting when you released the mercury.”  “After you released the betrayal I felt happier and maybe more open to others.  Thank you for helping me with this.” “Since last session, I’m doing OK, sleeping better, not depressed, shoulders not nearly as tight and not feeling as tired.”  “My neck and shoulder pain is better, I have less anxiety, I feel more settled, I’m eating less at meals just because I’m finished eating.”

P.F. from VA

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