JUST AS The Mythical Phoenix, Up She Arose from the Ashes

What ever happened to the that ‘Out-of-Control Teen’? 

Is she in juvie?  Is she in the hospital?  Is she…dead?

Welcome to part two of The Nightmare of Living with an Out-of-Control Teen and the Fix to Stop it!

The full story is written with full permission from her parent.  Again, to protect this child, there are no identifiers the initials AB are fictitious, as were the ones used in part one.    

Some who read The Nightmare of Living with an Out-of-Control Teen and the Fix to Stop it, were very upset about the story.  No doubt! It was brutal.  Reality is often brutal and this is a true life story, really happened; nearly destroyed the child and the family and needed to be told.  Can you even imagine?  Maybe you can and that is why this is being written now, for you.


When we left off, AB was in a world of hurt – absolutely out of control – if you can rattle off a list of the most terrible, horrific things (minus murder) you would never want your child to do, she did it. 

Not to retell the first part of this saga, but a refresher will help. I was called in fairly early because nothing was working, she was not getting worse, not better.  She was in and out of the hospital, multiple diagnoses with three times as many psychotropic meds.  She looked terrible; hair falling out, skin ashen and badly broken out, an absolute mess.  She had missed so much school and was so behind, her formerly high GPA was in the sewer.  The future did not look promising for AB, not promising at all.  At 15 she was perfecting suicide on the installment plan and her obvious mindset was ‘tell me again, what exactly is there to live for?’ 

At 15 she was perfecting suicide on the installment plan and her obvious mindset was ‘tell me again, what exactly is there to live for?’ 

The Fix:  There is a fix you know; it just may not be what you thought you were looking for.

To reacquaint you, I am an energy healer, an Emotion and Body Code Practitioner to be exact.  Otherwise known as a 21st Century Healer by those who are willing to think outside the box or when the going gets so rough a new plan needs to be implemented before it is too late.  I was called and equipped to this amazing work by the Lord Jesus Christ for the purpose of glorifying Him. In obedience, we, the Lord (the Healer) and me (the tool) went to work on AB…still unbeknownst to her.  (Reference back to part 1 of the story.)

Energy Healing

When we started on AB, she was in the hospital.  We, ECBC Practitioners do not need to be with someone who is in need, we do not need to touch them, we do not need to see them or even talk to or with them.  What I do need in the case of an adult is the permission to work with him or her and act as his/her proxy.  Or in this case with a minor – I need the express written permission of the parent or guardian.  With energy there are no boundaries – not time, nor space, nor distance.  And because we people are 99.9999…% energetic beings, what better way to help those in need than with energy healing.  Hmm..?  By the grace of God, we are able to connect to that person in need and from there, we are able (again by the grace of God) to identify, locate and release (similar to the manipulation of energy by a Chiropractor) underlying causes (trapped energies of all kinds/trapped emotions and a whole comprehensive menu of dastardly imbalances) that lead people to do all kinds of things they would never, ever do otherwise.

Spiritual Warfare, who backs down?

If you have ever been around or even seen a child or adult who is acting like ‘they got the devil in them’…they just might!  Evil is very real, dangerous, and destructive.  In my field, we call them Offensive Energies and they had nearly consumed AB.  We are under an intense spiritual attack, but we believers know how to fight evil, we call on Jesus! We did, and we won. Evil cannot stand when face to face with Jesus.  I would never go into the Lion’s Den alone, the almighty and all-powerful Lord Jesus who casts out the demons is always with me, through every moment of this work, doing what only he can do!  I can do nothing apart from Him.

Suffice to say, with what you found out about AB’s unacceptable behavior and her penchant for self-destruction, there was a lot of work that needed to be done.  And, done it was.  It was not a quick fix; these were very serious issues.  Perhaps you are familiar with the proverbial pealing of the onion? That’s how it works. Making sure she had processed the last layer before starting into the next.  And again, by the grace of God and the miracle of the highly advanced Emotion and Body Code modalities we used – pealed it finally was!  There was nothing left when it was over but the true, beautiful essence of a changed young woman, returning victoriously from the very edge of hell.    

The Body is Designed to Heal Itself

I believe the body was designed by God to heal itself.  But that can only happen if the body is in balance (it was perfectly designed but residing in a very imperfect world). One day AB just decided to take herself off of all of her heavy-duty meds.  Everyone was in a major panic.  Everyone except me.  I am not a doctor so stopping someone’s meds would never ever be suggested by me.  But I knew why she did it.  She knew she no longer needed them; she knew now they were no longer the solution but the problem.  How?  For the first time in a long time, she felt good, she felt happy, she felt alive. That is what being balanced feels like.


Life has been very different for her.  She is a brand-new beautiful creature; her true self has once again been revealed.  According to her mom she is happy and healthy, she looks fabulous, her skin is clear and now glows, and her hair is healthy and thick.  She is nice and loving, helpful, caring, and can be TRUSTED again. If it were not for the COVID-19 she probably would have gone back to sports.  She works hard in her studies; she intends to succeed, and she will succeed.  She has plans for college and beyond. And, she has a work ethic that is enviable any and all employers.  Yes, AB has come a long way.  She has a future, a bright and wonderful future.  What an incredible difference!  One child is saved and to God goes all the Glory, again I say, Amen.    

Thank you for reading this story.  I hope you found it helpful.  This last year and a half has been very difficult for so many. And so many, children and adults alike, are being lost to suicide. Maybe you or someone you know desperately needs this help.  Love is wonderful and necessary, but action is the answer.    

Jean E. Hope, BLSPsyc, M.ED, D.PSc

Certified, Licensed and Insured Body and Emotion Code Practitioner

Hope Springs Eternal LLC


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Jean Hope