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Jean Hope, Dr. Nelson, and Jean Nelson

I do not work for or represent Dr. Nelson or any of his enterprises in any capacity.  I do admire and respect him and all those who have worked tirelessly to make the Body Code System a reality and available to those of us who are certified to use it for God’s Glory.

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I am licensed by Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) as a Licensed Provider, Diplomat of Pastoral Science and Medicine (D.PSc) # 38011726.

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All client information is kept strictly confidential.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy the stories and messages.  These excerpts from client feedback and updates were taken, with permission, directly from actual Body Code reports, texts, emails and/or phone conversations.  They reflect the message and intent of the client.  Some have been slightly altered only for the ease of readability.

Working with disabilities:

Young child: he spent the first 79 days of life in the NIC Unit. He has a sensory processing disorder, difficulties with fine motor skills and ADHD. When I began working with him, his mother described him as ‘out of control’.  Issues: Extremely defiant, very aggressive, angry/frustrated.  I conducted my sessions with this sleeping child while on the phone with his mother as she sat near his bed. After 1st session - Mom said she was with him all day at school for an outdoor event. She said he did better than usual.  Not having as many melt downs and he could make good choices while waiting in line.  After 5th session – Mom said he was doing well.  He has calmed down a lot and has really settled in.  Lots of good work was done.  Thank you so much.

A.C. from VA

Working with disabilities:

Young Adult: “She has made a lot of progress, she seems a whole lot more like her age (21) not 13 or 14.  She holds herself like her age. She stands straighter, more confident.  Her behaviors are reflecting her maturity. Her legs have not buckled since you worked on her.  Her doctor has lowered her meds and changed her diagnoses.  When I told the doctor, she had had energy healing sessions, she said great, that was a good idea.”  

R.B. from VA

Working with Animals:

The Body Code works for animals too. Subject: Pitbull puppy, Adam, approximately 10-12 months, rescued from terrible hoarding situation.  Adam was locked in a cage where his sister was found dead. He was so traumatized that after the rescue he would not come out of his kennel, would not interact with other dogs and was completely unadoptable.  Right after the 1st session I asked Foster Owner how he did.  She said he was very quiet and calm, after the last trapped emotion (panic) was released, he lifted his head and let out a big sigh, like a sigh of relief, she said.  After the 2nd session, the Foster Owner reported that Adam was able to leave his kennel and interact with the other dogs, this was incredible progress. 

M.G. from VA