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The Nightmare of Living with an Out of Control Teen and the Fix to Stop it

It started shortly after the new year.  She was frantic when she called – JJ has been hospitalized.

This is a true story of what was once a healthy, happy, teenage girl, long blond hair, pretty, wicked smart, good grades, gifted athlete.  Permission has been given to me by her parent to share this story in word and in print.  The reason, to give hope to other hand wringing parents who too don’t recognize their precious child anymore and are so afraid.  They pray and wonder – will they ever see their happy child again? 

Hospitalized for suicidal thoughts; possible eating disorder; anxiety; depression.  She’s wouldn’t eat or drink anything and was completely non-compliant. Oh, and did I mention the cutting and extremely inappropriate behavior with the opposite sex?  Let’s not forget that – horrifying! That would come under the ‘acting out’ tab.  By the way, all those issues scored a 10 on the severity scale – 10 is the highest – means really bad!!  Does this or portions of it sound familiar to anyone?  The out of control teen, the troubled teen, the angry raging teen, the drug addicted teen, the incredibly miserable self-mutilating teen, or the teen that just wants out of the drudgery that is his or her life.  

Parents of these ‘troubled teens’ who have been through the ringer are literally traumatized, it’s like living with a terrorist – you never know what they are going to do, when they might do it or what they may be capable of.  Parents are afraid to answer the phone.  Is it the police telling them something horrible, it is the principal – more trouble in school?  Is it the hospital informing them the insurance won’t pay anymore and they have to pick their child up in an hour.  ‘I have to work, they say, what do we do now, she can’t be left alone!’ Back to the counselor, where’s the school social worker, where are the stinking answers?????  The tension, the stress, after months of the ups and downs, ins and outs, it’s no wonder parents feel as though they are the ones who need to be admitted into the hospital.  Please know families, there is hope.  There is something else to fight this with.  Read on.

During the first hospitalization, JJ was placed in the eating disorder unit – she threw chairs, she threw tantrums, she was put on a plethora of medications even though they really didn’t know what they were treating her for.  She was seething with hatred for her mother. Each family therapy session was a knock down, drag out scream fest for JJ.  It went on and on, and she wasn’t getting any better.

I was called because I am an energy healer, a Body and Emotion Code Practitioner to be specific. The Body Code is touted to be the most advanced energy healing system in the world and I absolutely agree. It can do amazing things. Something most people have never even heard of.  I do different stuff – stuff that traditional medicine doesn’t do. Both disciplines are vastly important and necessary.  What one can’t do in some cases, the other one can possibly pick up the slack.  What I do I can do because the creator who created quantum physics has called me to do it.  I can locate, identify and release underlying causes (trapped energies/trapped emotions/other imbalances) for a whole host of troublesome and/or really nasty problems.  That’s the purpose of this story – to share with those suffering teens and parents, something so powerful – we call it 21 century healing.   There is of course, much more to this, but this is good enough for now.

The first session with JJ, and all subsequent sessions were done unbeknownst to her. She wouldn’t work with hospital staff, so she certainly wasn’t going to work with me.  But that didn’t thwart the work in the least, because energy healing can be done from a distance – energetically.  It’s energy, it’s everything and everywhere. There are no boundaries, no limits.  It surpasses time and space.  All that’s required is the parent’s permission to do the session.   It’s quite convenient and extraordinarily effective.  

Since I had permission, I connected with her energetically early in the morning while she was presumably still asleep.  And that first session revealed some very interesting things. 

Here’s what I found right off the bat – an 8’ Heart-Wall – our lexicon in the Body Code world is mostly unknown to anyone else.  A Heart-Wall is symbolic, of course, not a real wall around the heart.  But it certainly acts like a real wall and the subconscious mind does indeed look at it as real.  Heart-Walls are very, very common.  About 93% of the population have Heart-Walls.  They are so common because they are caused by a broken heart.  How many people have never had a broken heart?  NONE!! Well, very few anyway.  Most have had more than their share of broken hearts, disappointments, shocking news, etc.  Those types of things cause it.  What builds the wall is the subconscious mind; it grabs trapped emotions from all over the body and pads the old ticker with them.  It pads and pads until it is sure that the heart is well protected so as not to be broken again.  Someone very smart once said “Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.”   That’s what the subconscious mind was doing.

What happens when you have a Heart-Wall?  Well, messages that are intended to be sent by the heart to someone else, like love, intimacy, joy are muffled, so they are not coming through clearly.  What’s more, the messages that are supposed to be coming INTO the heart are muffled as well, so that’s not good.  If someone is telling you they love you with their heart message, wouldn’t you want to hear it loud and clear?  But there’s more, the Heart-Wall can be rather dangerous – first, those trapped emotions that were gathered to pad it, they are all negative ones.  No warm, fuzzy or positive ones are trapped in you – only negative ones!  And, if a Heart-Wall is around long enough, it can lead to heart trouble or other serious diseases. 

So, my goal with JJ was to dismantle that Heart-Wall, as quickly as possible.  The very first trapped emotion in the Heart-Wall to be released was, guess what?  LOW SELF-ESTEEM, who would have guessed that???  That’s gone!  Found this with the Emotion Code. What’s next?  One imbalance led to another and a Post Hypnotic Suggestion (PHS) was revealed.  Know what that is?  Well, it’s not good!  A PHS is the energy of a negative statement in the subconscious mind.  Repetitive music and video games desynchronize the cerebral hemispheres and open the deep subconscious mind to “suggestion” like being hypnotized.  This can result in depression, suicidal tendencies, etc., just as JJ was presenting.  It is a bad thing.  What’s required to release a PHS is to identify the exact ‘suggestion’ or ‘suggestions’ as in her case, she received. Through intuition and muscle testing, here’s what she heard: ‘I am fat and ugly’ and ‘no one loves me’.  I was able to eliminate this most destructive imbalance from JJ using the Body Code – simple, gentle and very powerful. Then I moved on to release a few more trapped emotions from the Heart-Wall – again, using the Emotion Code.

I am not going to list everything I release in a single session – it would take a long time.  I worked on her every couple of days releasing horrific things but only a few at a time as to not overwhelm her system.  These releases must be processed by the body.  And, when you’re releasing large numbers trapped emotions or heavy offensive energies there can be some rough processing for a couple of days.  With what I found, it’s no wonder she wanted to harm herself. 

This story is not over – stay tuned as we journey through JJs battle to once again be the happy, productive teen she deserves, desires and was designed to be.  Find out what ‘offensive energies’ are – find out what’s causing these mal-adaptive behaviors and learn what’s possible.  But know this, there is hope like never before for your child, your family, because Hope Springs Eternal. 

Jean E. Hope, BLSPsyc, M.Ed, D.Psc

A Certified, Licensed and Insured Emotion and Body Code Practitioner

Hope Springs Eternal, LLC



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The Heart Wall and its effects on your health

There’s a good chance you may have heard people talk about a heart wall, and you may be wondering what it is or even if the heart has a wall. In order to properly define what it is I’ll share an excerpt taken from Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book The Emotion Code.

I believe that to the subconscious mind, the Heart-Wall is as real as the chair you’re sitting in.  The Heart-Wall is on a slightly different plane of reality than the world we can see with our physical eyes.  Does that make the Heart-Wall any less real?  I don’t think so.  We cannot see ultraviolet light or indeed, the vast majority of the electromagnetic spectrum, yet no one disputes its reality.

The Heart Wall is trapped emotional energy

When talking and thinking about energy – there are no bounds…everything, EVERYTHING is energy, nothing is not energy.  There are no boundaries, it is infinite, like God who created all things.  As an energy healer, I have come to believe and to now know that there are things that I had no knowledge of before that are as real as my heart beating in my chest.  But if I had to have my chest opened, my heart could be seen, not so with the energy that makes up my body.  It most definitely is there but not tangible, can’t touch it, hold it or contain it.  

I have learned it is possible to have incredible access to things that I never would have dreamed of before.  That is a blessing, a privilege, an honor, and an awesome responsibility.  I thank God for entrusting me with this.  If this makes no sense right now, read The Emotion Code. Then you will understand and embrace the power of energy that is available for you to step into  your grateness.

Let’s say you have been in a car accident.  The impact of the crash, the trauma, the injuries, these things and all the rest of the awful things that go along with an accident are all energies.  Now, in many cases the energies from some event will move right through you.  In the case of our accident example, these energies were such they did not move right on through you, they got trapped in your body and they are emotions (emotions contain energy) like terror, out of control, anxiety, shock, dread, etc.  And they must go somewhere, so they go to the vulnerable/weak parts of your body.  

How exactly does energy create a heart wall?

Your neck was injured in the accident, guess what, that’s one place these trapped energies will reside.  Not all the trapped emotions get recruited for heart guard duty.  There are hundreds in our bodies.  The ones that aren’t, are busy causing trouble of their own.  Just because those energies are invisible to the naked eye and the X-Ray doesn’t mean they aren’t exerting some pressure against a vertebra in your neck.  They are real and as such can cause some real pain.

So, here’s a different example – you have fallen in love, it’s so wonderful, you are happier than you had ever been before.    But something awful happened and while you were still madly in love, the one you loved wasn’t.  It’s horrible, you’re sick, your heart is broken in a million pieces and you don’t think you will ever get over it.  You may feel pressure or discomfort in your chest and throat, this happens when the core of our soul is under assault.  This is known as heart ache or heart break.  And, it could happen any or every time you have been hurt, experienced grief or loss.  

If you've ever had a broken heart you have a heart wall

Keep in mind that many may not feel this physically in the chest area but they may feel it in other areas perhaps in the stomach or they may have difficulty sleeping and in some cases some may even sleep too much (depression). If you have had some of these things occur more than a couple of times in your life (and who hasn’t!) you probably have a heart wall – 93% of us do.

Now, how does that happen, you may be figuring this out.  Your subconscious mind – which by the way knows no limitations – will sometimes (I think a lot of the time) use the energy of these trapped emotions to create a barrier or shield around your heart.  Again, your heart is the core of your being.  This is validated by a verse in Proverbs “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”  Your subconscious mind knows that it must protect your heart.  It must protect your delicate core in any way it can.  So, it takes these trapped energies and erects a wall around your heart to protect it.

It’s wonderful that our body was so beautifully designed, and it does have its own language or Body Code.  But there are a couple of things you need to know.  These energies are negative energies.  They are not good, happy or positive ones.  They are connected to sad, bad and traumatic events.  And, as you might guess, in time problems of all sorts may begin to arise.  They may show up as emotional, physical and spiritual problems.  

Heart-Walls can cause the following…

A Heart-Wall may easily manifest in many different ways, such as, but not limited to:

  • weight gain
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • lack of focus
  • mental fog
  • mystery pain and/or illnesses
  • diagnosed pain and disease
  • lack of academic or financial success
  • disconnectedness
  • feelings of being on the outside looking in-like you don’t truly belong -even in your own family.  

In relationships, when the heart is wrapped in a cocoon, messages get garbled.  It’s difficult to connect, to attract and to sustain a loving relationship on ANY level.

Dr. Nelson says, I believe that the single most important thing you can do for yourself is to get rid of the trapped negative emotions that are forming that “wall” around your heart.  The Emotion Code is the only way that I know of to do this.  It is the simplest, most effective method of releasing trapped emotions ever devised.   When trapped emotions and Heart-Walls are released people sometimes say it’s like they can finally feel free again.  They can give and receive love freely for the first time in a long time.  In that state, very interesting and wonderful things can happen.  It’s how we’re meant to live.”

But don’t despair, emotion code sessions and body code sessions are immensely invaluable, these can help you determine if you have a heart wall you can choose to shed the fear, shame, anger, hurt, bitterness, and disillusion that has become your personal Samsonite baggage with a lifetime warranty. Your baggage doesn’t have to last a lifetime, you can detox the emotional free radicals that are polluting your life and soul by working your heart wall.

Book a session and experience the differences today! Don’t let your previous heartaches become your jailor, allow them to merely be a counselor and choose to reclaim your birthright to live a fulfilling life with meaningful relationships.

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What is the Body Code? Can it heal me?

Noninvasive drug free state of the art healing technique? Many have said it’s the most scientifically advanced, God inspired healing system ever developed. It made its debut on the national stage over two decades ago and has since been refined and perfected. Today it is practiced expertly, in many countries worldwide, by a relative handful of Certified Body Code Practitioners.

How does the Body Code Work?

Make no mistake- it’s nothing like reiki, quantum touch, theta healing, or hooponono. It’s entirely different and the results speak for themselves. The Body Code combines modern technology and therapeutic magnets with some ancient principles of Chinese medicine to accomplish powerful things. People from all over the world report amazing success stories for a myriad of conditions including but not limited to arthritis, morning sickness, depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, body aches and pains, migraines, grief, cancer and more.

There IS a correlation between the mental and emotional states. What’s held in the mind is manifested in the body. The emotions are the constructive and destructive forces in the body and the accumulation of these forces cause us to be either at ease or dis-eased. If you were to think of a pleasant memory from the past your body would feel pleasant and for the duration of that memory you’d forget about whatever is ailing you. Also, if you would look at a distressful point in time, the same memory would provoke the same attached emotion and the body would feel ill or dis-eased. Remember how you felt when you were in love?

Is the Body Code about mind over matter?

This noninvasive drugless therapy is much more than just a mind over matter thing. The creator behind the Body Code is Dr. Bradley Nelson, holistic chiropractor author of the Emotion Code and creator of the Body Code teaches that true health means being balanced in six different areas: energies; circuitry; toxicity; pathogens; structural; and nutritional.

Harmful emotional mental energies may become trapped in the body during stressful emotional or traumatic events. So, to correct an imbalance in the energies area, we use simple yet powerful energy work to release the damaging energy.

In the circuitry area we balance the energy systems of the body, the chakras, the acupuncture meridians, the connection of the spiritual and physical body and the energy circuits of the organs and glands. We perform a non-invasive reset, much like a full body tune up.

The Body Code is very powerful and can be used to identify and address toxins regardless if these are showing up on a toxicology report. A certified Body Code practitioner will know how to correctly and safely remedy these toxins.

Destructive and sneaky pathogens/infections/infestations can also be identified and addressed. If additional remedies are needed these are suggested.

Imbalances in the bones, organs, connective tissue, muscles and nerves can also be treated non-invasively to gently restore stability to the physical body.

We’re also able to identify nutritional deficiencies and imbalances such as dehydration, magnetic field deficiency, as well as many other lifestyle imbalances.

How does a Body Code practitioner identify your imbalances over a phone?

Energy is everywhere, all the time. It’s not bound by space or time. I can work with someone sitting next to me or across the globe, via phone, skype or email. It’s the energetic connection with the individual, not the method or device.

There is absolutely no doubt that the world’s greatest computer ever created is the subconscious mind. It knows exactly what your body needs and doesn’t need in order to achieve balance in the six key areas as explained above. Trained and certified practitioners access with permission, the subconscious mind of the client by creating an energetic connection and acting as their proxy. Then we use targeted questions that are strategically crafted to access specific answers, charts and muscle testing or applied kinesiology. In this case of long distance healing, I am testing on myself. It’s an amazing system and yields amazing results.

When all of these tools are used a practitioner can release and/or realign these energetic imbalances. This happens because magnetic energy is a powerful carrier of intention and it works to release or correct the imbalance using the Governing Meridian, which is a major energy channel in the acupuncture system. In an instant, the energy flows throughout the whole body releasing the negative energy and restoring the balance to the body’s energy circuit.

Can intention really be measured? Absolutely!

There are many examples proving how the power of intention and emotion work. The late Dr. Masauro Emoto proved how intention affects water molecules. Emoto’s water crystal experiments consisted of exposing water in glasses to different words, emotions, pictures and/or music, and then freezing and examining the aesthetic properties of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography. The evidence proved that water exposed to positive speech, thoughts, and emotions would result in visually “pleasing” crystals being formed when that water was frozen, and negative intention would yield “ugly” frozen crystal formations.

Here’s another example showing how emotions and thoughts can affect us. You have just received some very shocking news. The energy of this did not pass through you, but became trapped. This ball of energy has lodged itself against your bladder. Now, you’re making multiple trips to the restroom in the middle of the night and you’re tired, frustrated, and perplexed. This is the energy that practitioners like myself can find and release so that you move forward to a good night’s sleep again.

This is the Cliff Note version of what The Body Code is and how it works. For more information about me and The Body Code, please visit my website www.HopeSpringsEternal.Life